16 April 2012

Strawberry Jam

A friend taught me this recipe... so that means I don't remember any of the measurements. But you'll figure it out.

You will need:

Strawberries (A couple handfulls)

(1) lemon or lemon juice - just juicy squeeze worth. (it acts as a preservative but since on I don't remember how much don't count on it lasting long)

Sugar (I put about two teaspoons)

Step 1: Cut off the heads of the strawberries.

Step 2: Cut up the strawberries. You do not need the strawberry juice. try to get rid of excess liquid it makes the jame watery and soggy.

Step 3: Put strawberry mush in pot, add the sugar and lemon. Set at mediumish heat.

Step 4: Stir, it will thicken after a moment. Thicken as desired and take off stove.

Step 5: Spread on buttered toast or cool and put on vanilla ice cream.

Be creative.

So many lovely strawberries!

Off with their heads...

add some sugar

add just a squeeze of lemon



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