21 July 2012

I'm Back... with some chairs

For all those who have been following, my apologies for not updating things in a while. I was on a movie for three months and it kept me on my toes. I have been on a break for a little bit and I am back some of the things I love to do... I found  four matching chairs earlier this year. I loved them and used them to replace the chairs that I purchased with the table. However, I never liked the color that they were. So stripped them down as best I could and repainted them black. Take a look and tell me what you think...

28 May 2012

Tropical Dinner

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and decided to try it myself with a few adjustments. This is an appetizer salad. I made this for four people. You can scale it however you want.

I started with a ripe Pineapple that I cleaned and cored. I made eight slices (2 for every person). The slices should not be too thick.

Then I grilled the pineapple. I lightly oiled the pan, and mean lightly. Then I put the stove to medium/high heat. I grilled each side till the had some browning like the above photo. The slices get a more saturated yellow. Then I set the grilled Pineapple on plates. Two per plate.

Then I made this... This is five very small avocados, so if you use large I would say three to four. I added soem fresh made salsa without the juice. You could either do that or add one sliced up Jalapeno, have of a small onion, and one chopped up tomato. Then I added about 1/3 cup of chopped cilantro. When you are all done, gently mix them in the bowl.

Add this dressing. The juice of 3 limes, or about 1/3 cup, 1 teaspoon of dijion mustard, 1 teaspoon agave(this is totally optional), 1 teaspoon soy sauce (you could add a little more if you prefer), and 2 tablespoon olive oil. If, you like you can also add cayenne pepper ( put in the tiniest doses and taste as you go, to make sure you can handle it).

Stir dressing and dump on top of your avocado salad. Let is sit and leave it alone.

In mean time. Take shrimp that have been cleaned and deveined and sprinkle with salt and paprika. (I sued about 1 lb of shrimp for eight and that was a lot!) Toss in a skillet and grill till it is cooked through.

Set the shrimp aside.

Toss the salad with the dressing gently. Scoop the salad onto the pineapple. When all the salad has been placed, add the shrimp on top. Done!

If, you feel up to it you can toss some extra pineapple or mango on top.

Also you can eat this with Tostadas!

22 May 2012

Indoor Garden Attempt Number 2!

Hey all! I attempting to redo my indoor garden. My first attempt ended rather abruptly and pathetically. So, now I am "building" a small garden on top of my fridge. Some pretty plants and some herbs. Here is the first two... I am potting a new rosemary plant (A donation from my uncle and aunt).

Start with empty fridge top (bor-ing)

Plant in sink getting ready for the big moment.

pretty details...

Starting to re-pot, lookin' good.

Water that baby-

This is the beginning!

14 May 2012


Summer is here, it is nine o'clock and you've got your jammies on. It is too late to go out and too early to go to bed. You open the windows for a fresh breeze.. time to watch a rom-com. But which one?

You've got to have the right combination of laughter, romance and beauty. Here are my most reliable summer rom-coms...

1. SABRINA: 1954 (I actually the re-make as well. It has the same plot just different theme)

PLOT: Poor, young girl goes to France to become sophisticated and stylish to win the heart of a rich playboy.

STARS: Audrey Hepburn - Humphrey Bogart - William Holden

HIGHLIGHTS: Gorgeous fashion thanks to Audrey. The music (not a musical) is very romantic. Who doesn't like to watch rich people and their pretty stuff?

Image Via: http://classnfab.wordpress.com/

2. APRES VOUS: 2003 (French movie: subtitled)

PLOT: A Mairte d' stops a man in park from killing himself and becomes responsible for putting his love life back together. 

STARS: Daniel Auteuil - Jose Garcia - Sandrine Kiberlain

HIGHLIGHTS: It's French! How can you not feel sophisticated? It's very funny with lots of good looking food and flowers. It's tres sexy (but not too sexy).

Image Via: http://film-forward.com/

3. SINGING IN THE RAIN: 1952 (The Ultimate Musical)

PLOT: The era of sound in movies arrives in the middle of a love triangle between two seasoned movie stars and a young new actress.  

STARS: Gene Kelly - Debbie Reynolds - Donald O'Connor

HIGHLIGHTS: Some of the most elaborate song and dance sequences. Gene Kelly(one of the most incredible dancers of all time choreographed a lot of the dance numbers) Lots of grand gestures of romance. 

Image Via:http://livingincinema.com/

4. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: 2005 ( I know, I know the 1995 British mini series with Colin Firth is the only Pride and Prejudice for some people)

STARS: Kiera Knightly - Matthew (my love) Macfayden 

HIGHLIGHTS: The backdrop for the movie is so grandiose. The lighting, the costumes, the music, the landscape... plus it is one of the most romantic stories of all time. 

Image Via: http://lafascination.com/

5. THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES: 1996 (this is my ultimate feel good movie)

PLOT: A man and a woman get married on the basis of intellect and try to stay celibate. 

STARS: Jeff Bridges - Barbara Striesand - Lauren Bacall - Pierce Brosnan

HIGHLIGHTS: The most ridiculous plot of all time. The movie is so very sweet and has one of the best movie endings. 

Image Via: http://www.fanpop.com/

I hope you guys enjoy these films as much as I do. If, you have a top five rom-com list e-mail me them an we will compare notes!

13 May 2012

Modern Human

Hi! I just wanted to share a friend's song that I liked.

"Undress" by modern human.


Let me know what you think... I also like Good Morning Sun

10 May 2012

I've always wanted one...

Oh yeah baby. I've always wanted one of these and now I have it. I took some beauty shots... guacamole... salad dressing... spice rub - here I come...

My kitchen will never be the same.


I was right in the middle of finishing the bench I have been making out pallet boards, when I got the call for work.  It has been three weeks since I have touched that bench and it reminds me of all the things that have been set aside.

Starting in October my husband and I made a change in our diet. We decided that we were going to eat healthier and exercise more. Over the course of the months, we have stopped drinking soda and we have not touched fast food (which was a huge part of our fast paced lives). It was difficult to home cook three meals when working all day. A lot of times it results in going out to a healthy place.

While all this made a great impact in our health our food budget took a great hit. It feels like the moment I have been catching up to accomplish one thing some else gets put to the side. I see people who seem to be able to do it all. But I think that even with the most dedication something is being neglected. Maybe not the budget, healthy eating conundrum but something else.

What is being put to the wayside that should not be and what can be put to the wayside for something more important?

I think that the bench can wait but I don't think my budget should.
What do you want to pull out of the wayside?


P.S. At one time or another these are some things that have gone to the wayside( or have been rescued from the wayside)

A clean apartment
TV shows
Dental health
Spiritual health
Organized paperwork
Random Hobbies
Buying decorating magazines
Buying shoes
Watering Plants...(this list could gone forever)

09 May 2012

More LA...

Had a hard time focusing in the dark...

04 May 2012


White Orchids

A visit to the flower district

 I went for a visit to the LA flower district and found... flowers!

01 May 2012

28 April 2012

Seashell Wood Work

So here are two more pieces that I made from scrap wood. They are part of a collection that I am going to sell at the Melrose Trading Post. The theme is the ocean so the collection is called "Lost at Sea."

To me the ocean is so romantic. 

(I am trying out my photography skills. Don't laugh a my home made studio.) 

I like painting on wood because of the character wood adds to the art. 

25 April 2012

Rhode Island by Land

We visited friends in Rhode Island. It was so GREEN!!! They took us hiking and it was gorgeous. 

My friend was nine months pregnant by the way. She did a better job hiking than we did...

In California we have squirrels. Which are these gigantic gray hideous rodent like creatures. Then we saw these guys... instant love. So cute no wonder they made so many cartoons with them in it.