10 May 2012


I was right in the middle of finishing the bench I have been making out pallet boards, when I got the call for work.  It has been three weeks since I have touched that bench and it reminds me of all the things that have been set aside.

Starting in October my husband and I made a change in our diet. We decided that we were going to eat healthier and exercise more. Over the course of the months, we have stopped drinking soda and we have not touched fast food (which was a huge part of our fast paced lives). It was difficult to home cook three meals when working all day. A lot of times it results in going out to a healthy place.

While all this made a great impact in our health our food budget took a great hit. It feels like the moment I have been catching up to accomplish one thing some else gets put to the side. I see people who seem to be able to do it all. But I think that even with the most dedication something is being neglected. Maybe not the budget, healthy eating conundrum but something else.

What is being put to the wayside that should not be and what can be put to the wayside for something more important?

I think that the bench can wait but I don't think my budget should.
What do you want to pull out of the wayside?


P.S. At one time or another these are some things that have gone to the wayside( or have been rescued from the wayside)

A clean apartment
TV shows
Dental health
Spiritual health
Organized paperwork
Random Hobbies
Buying decorating magazines
Buying shoes
Watering Plants...(this list could gone forever)

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