28 April 2012

Seashell Wood Work

So here are two more pieces that I made from scrap wood. They are part of a collection that I am going to sell at the Melrose Trading Post. The theme is the ocean so the collection is called "Lost at Sea."

To me the ocean is so romantic. 

(I am trying out my photography skills. Don't laugh a my home made studio.) 

I like painting on wood because of the character wood adds to the art. 

25 April 2012

Rhode Island by Land

We visited friends in Rhode Island. It was so GREEN!!! They took us hiking and it was gorgeous. 

My friend was nine months pregnant by the way. She did a better job hiking than we did...

In California we have squirrels. Which are these gigantic gray hideous rodent like creatures. Then we saw these guys... instant love. So cute no wonder they made so many cartoons with them in it.

Rhode Island by Sea

In Rhode Island the seaside is... 

and when we got back...

Lemon, Rhode Island

freshly made lemonade - frozen and delicious.

23 April 2012

Sunday Night Adventures

Last night my husband took me to a cafe that I had been wanting to try. It was called Urth Cafe (Downtown LA). We split a sandwich and had our own desserts and drinks. The caprese panini was amazing, as was my green tea boba. I will be back...

Anyways, while we were driving away we noticed that the 6th St. Bridge was completely empty. Inspired we took a few photos. My camera did not do well with the lowlight.

Much later a friend called and asked us if we could help them pick up a couch from craigslist (ha). On our way we ended at at stoplight next to the Hollywood Bowl. I took some photos at the redlight. I never noticed how lovely it looked before.

20 April 2012

19 April 2012

Cinnamon Bread

This is cinnamon bread from the local farmer's market. My sweetheart ate only the middles. I always leave the crusts from sandwiches. All this time I thought we a mature married couple.

The Huntington Library

17 April 2012

More Water

Make it look pretty... my solution to drinking more water.

Pallet Coat Rack


This will transform, I promise.

Flowers and tools.

I feel like Dexter working in this bubble.

I used to sand everything by hand and then my sweetheart surprised me with this bad boy.

Sawdust round 1



Yellow Flowers

If, I start to feel blue, I just bring in a bright yellow flower.



Peeled and perfect for cutting.

 Cut the beets as thin as possible. While cooking they can easily be overcooked and still hard.
Tin slices help prevent this.

FYI beets stain everything the juice touches to pink - including exiting bodily fluids (pee).

This is how I measure things... looks about right.

I added some of the leaves and other pieces of the beet for flavor and looks.


This is the chicken soup that I had made the other day.  I used about half of this bowl.

Final Result. Yum!

An additional benefit of Barscht... decorating on a dime.